Graphic Design Advances

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Wordmark Logos (Logotypes)

These types of logos consist of text only – company names, monograms or initials.

Essentially, logotypes are just a company name set in some kind of particular typeface.


No one has to do any guessing when they see a wordmark – it’s quite clear what company the logo represents. Because the design is all in the lettering, logotypes are one of the most versatile logo options that are easily transferable onto any marketing material.

Also, if your company name is catchy, this is the perfect way to highlight that and use it to your branding advantage.

What to consider:

Does your company name say anything about what you do? If you’re not well-known, or if your business is named after a person rather than a concept, it may be difficult to create the kind of brand recognition you’d want a logo to help foster.

Inspiration: Subway, Uber, Camelback